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Making Fresh Raw Food – Your Staple Diet and Changing Your Life Forever

Making Fresh Raw Food - Your Staple Diet and Changing Your Life Forever
Making Fresh Raw Food - Your Staple Diet and Changing Your Life Forever

Making Fresh Raw Foods – Your Staple Diet and Changing Your Life Forever

Taking а typical cooked meal and reviewing the amount of nutrition derived from the components, it’s worrying to realize that more than 80% of the nutrition available in the raw version was cooked out of the food in the preparation procedure which involves boiling, roasting, baking and especially the executive’s’ buddy – microwaving.

Cooked food raises cholesterol levels, reduces nutrition and produces little benefit for our poor bodies other than to satisfy hunger.  Well, there’s certainly something to be said for not feeling hungry, yet hunger may be as easily fulfilled, if not more so, by eating raw foods.

Taking а meal that’s been prepared in а juicer, such as raw spinach, perhaps а raw carrot, some coconut, flax seed or goji berries, celery and apple, and comparing it to а cooked meal which contains roasted meat accompanied by boiled vegetables (which let’s face it, is what many of us live on), the raw food meal will punch far above its weight as а healthy option and it may be consumed in five or ten minutes, without producing а kitchen full of used pots and pans.

Starting а raw food diet need not automatically signify а spiritual conversion to all things raw, although many do convert to а completely raw food staple.  Beginning а healthy eating habit does not need to be an epiphany.  However, а menu that is cooked is never returned to by more than 90% of individuals who try а raw food addition to their diet.  Why?  Because the advantages of ‘drinking’ а healthful meal are obvious and in а pressured working life or even а school routine, the ease of introducing high levels of nutrition into the body in record time is something few people will pass on.  Also, raw food nutrition is burnt by the body better.

What Is Raw Food?

Raw food is easy to prepare as soon as you have the right equipment in place; the right gear being а cold press masticating juicer and an efficient chopping and slicing system such as а fantastic, excellent mandolin or other procedure of fresh food preparation.  Invest in some great ‘superfoods‘ to increase the equation such as wheatgrass, and you have а recipe for health and energy which far outweighs an hour in the gym each day – even better if you do the hour in the gym too!

Taking raw food as а staple only means letting go of the notion that cooked recipes are the only way to eat yummy foods that excite the plated and nourish the body satisfactorily.  Far from being а less than a healthy way to live, raw foods provide all the nourishment the body needs and need not be consumed cold.  For people who really cannot confront their food cold, heating food (steaming is best) not more than 120F will still retain nutrition and allow all the comfort of traditional meal options.

Pay attention to storage and hygiene when preparing organic raw foods.

How to Achieve Good Nutrition by Eating а Plant Based Diet


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