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How to Increase Metabolism After 50

Increase Metabolism
How to Increase Metabolism After 50

Metabolism regulates the course of converting your food into energy. Metabolism can be affected by number of reasons. As you grow old your body goes through many changes, you can’t place a full stop on these changes but yes there are many tips and suggestion you can try for increasing your metabolism. If you are just entering in your 50s then you need to take certain things into your consideration, first let’s get to know what factors can affect your metabolism and later we will suggest you bunch of amazing ways to Increase Metabolism.

One Common problem of slow Metabolism is that you start gaining Weight, that further creates diseases and Obesity. Read a useful article by health.com to lose weight fast.

Metabolism is affected by the following factors

Your genetic profile effects your metabolism besides that you can think of other reasons that are the cause of your slow metabolism. Let see what other possible reasons could be:

  • Your Age
  • Your Hormonal disproportion
  • Your Gender
  • Your Emotional state
  • Your unhealthy nutrition
  • Everyday crash diets
  • Hypoactive thyroid

What is the benefit of increasing metabolism?

The more you it will be higher, the more fats and calories you will be able to burn, it will be much easier for you to lose your weight. It will make you feel fresh and full of energy. In this regard, fat burning fingerprint is considered to be an effective program that can boost up your metabolism and help you to speed up your weight loss process.

What measures you can take for increasing your metabolism keeping in mind your age of 50

1. Yoga in the morning increases metabolism

Yoga is truly beneficial for increasing the metabolic rate, but you need to do it in the morning, by doing so you are going to boost up your metabolism for sure.

2. Sip cold water for increasing metabolic rate

Sipping cold water is another very effecting thing for increasing your metabolism, cold water activates sympathetic nervous system and this further kindle your metabolism. Drinking cold water has ripple effects in a positive way you can say that.

3. Take breakfast with full of proteins and high your metabolism

The protein-packed breakfast is something very health-giving for your body, you can take boiled eggs in your break-fast on regular bases and then see your metabolism speeding up.

4. Grub a Tahini dip and energize your metabolism

Tahini is the riches source of zinc as its origin is sesame seeds. So when you will take tahini then it means you are taking zinc that promises to enlarge leptin’s production, this really boosts up your metabolism.

5. Munch a sugarless gum and boost up your metabolic rate

You will be surprised to know munching a gum is no more than an ordinary useless activity as the latest studies have to the conclusion that if you will much a gum for about one hour then you will likely to burn down 19% calories, isn’t it huge? So, try it out and start munching a sugarless gum every day and speed up your metabolism.

6. Take a brisk walk is too good for speeding up metabolism

Brisk walk keeps you fit, energetic and enthused so make it your daily habit to take a bit brisk walk. You don’t need to strain for hours, just consume 15-20 minutes and you are done. Doing so will increase the metabolic rate in your body. So get started.

7. Green tea a definite tool for increasing metabolic rate

Green tea doesn’t just turn you slim rather it surprisingly magnify the rate of metabolism in your body. Green tea is believed to be a miraculous beverage that boost up your metabolism and enable it to function perfectly. Another research suggests that red tea is seen to be performing much better than green tea. Here is a detailed red tea detox review showing customer reviews and benefits of using it.

8. Strain your muscles through squats and planks and speed up metabolism

Engaging your muscles will make you speed up your metabolic rate, you have to bear this mind that when you age you have to strive more for keeping yourself healthy, in the age of 50 things get more sensitive and they require your rapt attention so for engaging your muscles squats and planks are very useful.

9. Prepare your meal in coconut oil and ignite your metabolism

Oil is a main source of injecting fats into your body, so it is suggested to prepare and cook up your meals in coconut oil. The properties it contains are quick to turn into energy so in this way it amps up your metabolism.

10. Include dairy into your meal and fire up metabolic rate

In dairy products there is an ample amount of calcium and calcium breaks downs the fats, it reduces the absorption of fat cells and hinders it way to get mass.

11. Early to bed and early rise makes your metabolic rate high

Early risers always cherish a heathy life, there are tons of health benefits of sleeping early and waking up early so if you want to enjoy in a desired way then you have to put aside your sluggishness and make it your routine to go to bed early, before sleeping remove all the interruptions that can disrupt your sleep, switch off your mobile and sleep for 7-8 hours daily. Similarly, you have to wake up early too, while you asleep there is lots of repair going on in your body but this is inly possible when you take a sound sleep plus avoid being a night owl, doing so will amp up your metabolic rate.

12. Workout of high force boost up metabolism

When you perform the activity with greater bursts it assists you in scorching maximum fat by speeding up your metabolism, the good part is when you are done with your workout even after that your fats and calories keep burning down. This is called HIIT that stands for High-Intensity Interval training.

13. Spicy foods amp up metabolic rate

Spicy ingredients like peppers contain such substance that are immensely beneficial in speeding up the metabolic rate in your body. So, add some spice in your food and have it for your healthy metabolism.

When we start putting on years the metabolism of your body tends to slow down, it is totally natural and common. The RMR in your body reduces for 1-2 % each year, that the chief reason behind your weight gaining when you cross or enter in the age of 50. When you hibernate your body in that state too requires to fuel up for blood circulation, for performing many activities like breathing and digesting food etc, RMR is about RESTING METABOLIC RATE that determines the certain amount of calories used by your body for performing these very nitty-gritty activities. So the importance and significance of increasing metabolic rate in your body can’t be denied so have a healthy 50s with a higher rate of metabolism in your body.


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