Kidney enzyme

about the Kidneys

If we talk about kidneys, then these are organs of the body that have an exact similar appearance to those of beans. So, these are basically bean shaped organs and two kidneys are present inside the body of a human. If we consider their location, then these kidneys are present on either side of spine just behind the abdomen and just below the rib cage. The average size of an adult kidney is approximately that if the size of the fist.

Structure of kidneys

If we take into consideration the overall structure of a kidney, then kidney basically consists of two layers. One is the outermost layer and the other one is the inner layer. Internally, the kidney consists of pyramid shaped lobes. These are called as renal pyramids and the main structural and functional unit of kidney is the nephron that is present inside these pyramids. Nephron is the functional unit of kidney as it purifies and filters the blood and is involved in the production of urine.

Kidney Functions

Kidneys are also an important organ of the human body. These perform a variety of functions and help in the normal functioning of the human body. These help in maintaining the overall body’s health. Out if various functions of kidneys, one of the main and foremost function that it performs is that it is involved in the filtering of waste material from the blood. They filter the blood and remove various kind of waste material as well as excess of water from the blood. Further, these kidneys also make sure that the overall body’s fluid levels are maintained. Main function is kidneys is regarding to the regulation and maintenance of blood. For instance, the kidneys control the chemical composition of the blood as well and regulate the mineral levels in the blood. These also play an important role in regulating the blood pressure by removing waste products from the blood.

So this is the overall basic functioning of kidneys.

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Kidney enzymes

If we now refer to the enzymes or hormones of kidney, then the most general hormones made by kidney include erythroprotein, renin and vitamin D3. Firstly, if we discuss about the vitamin D3, then this vitamin D3 is very important for the normal functioning of the human body. This vitamin D3 that is present inside the blood of an individual is usually present in an inactive form. But this inactive vitamin is converted into its active form by the help if kidneys. Therefore we can say that kidney has an important role in producing this vitamin. This ultimately is very beneficial for the human body and this is because the vitamin D3 helps in an active intake of calcium from the food that we eat. It helps in the formation of healthy bones as well as it is involved in enhancing and improving the immune system of the body.

Similarly if we consider the other hormone that is produced by the kidney, then this erythroprotein is formulated or produced when the level of oxygen in the blood is relatively low. This is then further utilized in the bone marrow and helps in formulating new red blood cells that ultimately benefit in the oxygen levels of the body.

Another important enzyme that is manufactured or produced by kidney is renin. This renin has an important role to play in the hormonal system of renin angiotensin aldosterone. This helps in maintaining the blood pressure of the body.


So apart from regulating the blood and performing various functions, kidney also produces some enzymes and hormones including the vitamin D3, erythroprotein and renin. All of these perform some important functions in the human body and are beneficial for normal functioning of the body.

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