Can you live without a liver

where to locate your Liver

If we talk about liver, then it is an organ that is present in almost all of the vertebrates. If we consider the location of this organ into the body of humans, then it is present in the upper right portion of the humans abdominal cavity. It is located just beneath the diaphragm. Liver is present very close to the stomach. Infact it is present a little bit above the stomach and the right kidney.

Liver has a distinct shape. It just resembles like a cone and if we talk about its color, then liver has a dark reddish color and the weight of a normal adult human is approximately 3 pounds. This was some of the general description about the liver. Another important aspect of liver is that at any specific interval, it holds approximately 13% of the body’s total blood supply. This fact tells us about the importance of this specific organ into the human body. Liver receives blood through the hepatic artery as well as the hepatic portal vein. The difference between these is that the hepatic artery brings in the oxygenated blood towards the liver whereas the hepatic portal vein brings in blood that is rich with nutrients.

Liver Functions

I would rather say that the liver is not concerned with one specific function. Liver plays a vital role in the normal functioning of the human body. It plays its part in various body’s processes. One of the most important function performed by liver is that it regulates the body’s blood. It kind of regulates the chemical levels and composition of the blood. Further, it is like a blood regulator. This is because liver regulates and checks on the blood’s composition, breaks down and maintains the nutrients in the blood. Apart from this, another important aspect of liver is that it is involved in the production of bile. This bile further helps in digestion of food in the small intestine. Liver is also involved in producing some specific proteins as well. Liver also stores iron and processes the blood’s hemoglobin as well. Liver is also known as the body’s detoxifier. This is because it detoxifies the harmful compounds of the body and especially blood. It removes poisonous substances from blood and also helps in enhancing the immune system of body by removing bacterial. Overall, it is said that liver is involved in approximately 500 body processes. This definitely depicts the importance of this organ in our body.


Can you live without a liver?

Now this is simple question according to what I think and the answer to this question is also very simple. No! You can not live without a liver. As stated above, liver is like a crucial organ of the body. Without a liver, surviving is nearly impossible. Liver plays a wide variety of functions in our body. If an individual won’t have a liver, his body would definitely not be able to perform these set of functions and ultimately as a result, survival would be at stake. For instance, liver performs function in the clotting of blood. It helps the blood to form clots but if an individual would not have a liver at all, then this function would be disturbed and as a result, the body would not be able to clot the blood properly and as a result to this phenomenon, an uncontrolled bleeding will strat taking place. Making it impossible to survive.

Similarly, liver is involved in blood purification as it removes various kinds of toxins and chemicals from the blood. So when there would be no liver, then definitely no purification of blood will take place and as a result more and more toxins and chemicals would start accumulating in the blood stream and ultimately leading to a toxic situation in the whole body.

Also, the liver is involved in maintaining our immune system against bacterial infections but if we won’t have a liver, then we could be easily infected by bacterial and fungal infections, ultimately making our life at risk.

Therefore, based on the variety of functions that our liver does, we can say that it is nearly impossible to survive without having a liver. If you won’t have a liver, then your body would not be able to perform some specific functions and as a result, survival would not be possible.

One fact about the liver is that it is the body’s only organ that has the ability to regenerate. This means that if your liver can definitely grow if some of its part has been removed. Even if your liver is removed surgically, but still it can grow back to its normal size within a limited number of months.


Based on the above discussion, what I conclude is that it is impossible to survive and live without having a liver at all. But we should also consider that if some of the part of our liver has been removed or damaged, then we can survive in that condition because our liver can regrow to its original size and continue performing its functions. But without having a liver, surviving is impossible because liver is involved in a large number of body’s essential functions. Therefore, it is a necessary part and organ of our body that has various functions and processes to do.

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