What is heartburn and how can you help it?

What is Heartburn?

If we talk about heartburn, then it is basically a sensation of burning in the chest of an individual. It is like a burning pain behind the breastbone of any individual. If you are thinking that all the chest pains are the symptoms of heartburn, then you are wrong. Not all the pains of chest are associated to this specific issue but the burning pains of chest that occur after an individual eats, lays or bends down or specifically such pain at evening time are more likely to be heartburn. It is quite common in individuals and we can consider this heartburn to be the symptom for a specific disease. It is actually a symptom to the gastroesophageal reflux disease. Non frequent heartburns are not to be worried off but if an individual feels more intensified and frequent heartburns, then the individual should concern the physician.

Symptoms of heartburn

If we consider the symptoms of heartburn, then the baisc symptoms of this specific condition include a sensation of burning in the chest region that basically intensifies after having a meal or eating something. Also, if an individual feels a burning pain in his chest when laying down or bending, then this is also concerned with heartburn. Apart from these, having an acidic taste in the mouth also indicates heartburn issue.

Causes of heartburn

Now if we talk about the causes of this condition, then heartburn is basically caused by the lifestyle that an individual follows. These lifestyle factors include various things such as the eating habits of individuals, extreme smoking habit, not doing exercises etc. All these lifestyle factors do help in causing this heartburn situation. Apart from these factors, if we talk about the physical factor that causes the heartburn condition, then it will include the weakening of the lower esophagal sphincter muscles. The abnormal or weakened movement of these muscles also causes the stomach acid to backflow towards the esophagus and ultimately causing heartburn.

Further, having too much spicy food and alcohol consumption can also enhance and increase the heartburn situation. Obesity also increases the chances of having a heartburn.

Things to help heartburn

If we consider the most basic aspect of the treatment of heartburn, then it will include a change in the lifestyle of the individual. Because these changes in the lifestyle can definitely help the individual to reduce if not prevent the heartburn.

Eating habits to avoid suffering from heartburn

An individual who is suffering from heartburn condition should take a review of his eating habits. These eating habits do have a prominent impact in this situation. For instance, the heartburn patient should refrain from eating anything if he is going to lay down immediately after eating something. Also, he should sit up straight when having a meal or while eating something. Apart from this eating posture, the individual should also prevent from filling his stomach at the same instant. Rather he should have several small meals instead of one having one major meal. Because having small meals is indeed one of the most beneficial as well as easiest way to overcome the acid reflux or heartburn condition.

Therefore, managing one’s eating ways as well as the frequency of eating will definitely help to reduce the heartburn.

Standing straight and elevating upper body

As I have already discussed that the heartburn is associated with the backflow of stomach acid into the esophagus through the lower esophagal sphincter. If an individual stands straight, then less stress or pressure is exerted on the sphincter muscles and as a result, these stop the acid from rising up into the esophagus. Therefore, the posture of the individual also has prominent effect in the heartburn condition.

Similar is the case with the laying position. It is advised to lay down or sleep in such a manner that the upper body remains elevated so that their is less pressure exerted on the sphincter muscles of stomach. So that the acid is prevented from rising back into the esophagus and increasing the burning sensation in chest.

Avoid smoking

As we known that smoking is indeed injurious to health. And it also does contribute in heartburn. Many physicians recommend to stop smoking if the individual is suffering from heartburn condition because smoking further enhances and worsens this condition.

Baking soda and water

This is indeed a remedy that will help you in getting rid of heartburn condition and is easy to do. These things are available in almost every kitchen. This remedy simply involves mixing baking soda with water and taking it. This basically is taken in order to make the stomach acid more neutralized. This neutralization of stomach acid will reduce the burning sensation of the chest that is caused by this acid. A teaspoon of baking soda is enough in a glass of water.

So, these were some of the things that an individual should do in order to prevent the heartburn or get rid of it. Apart from the above said things, an individual who is suffering from heartburn condition should also avoid eating spicy food. We can also consider another remedy to the heartburn condition that has been used for centuries. This remedy is the use of ginger because ginger is known to relive nausea and it has been in use for centuries to avoid heartburn. And according to another research, chewing gum can also somehow assist in reducing the heartburn situation because eating chewing gum basically enhances the production of saliva and this saliva being alkaline in nature helps reduce the acidic strength of the stomach acid. Therefore allowing the individual to get relief from burning sensation of the chest.

So, these were some of the ways that can be beneficial for an individual suffering from heartburn condition.

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