Is milk good for heartburn does it work?

If we talk about heartburn condition itself, then it is basically referred to the burning sensation in the chest of an individual. This pain is generated just behind the breastbone of the sufferer and this pain becomes so much worse when the individual eats something or bends over. This heartburn problem is generally concerned with the acidic reflux. The stomach acid backflows into the esophagus and causes this heartburn condition.

An individual suffering from heartburn condition often feels severe pain in the chest region when he eats anything, when he bends down or lays down. So these are the symptoms that are associated with this condition.

As already discussed that this heartburn is caused by the backflow of stomach acid into the esophagus. This may happen when the lower sphincter muscles of stomach show an abnormal movement. This loosened movement of lower sphincter muscles allows the acid of stomach to backflow into the esophagus and causing severe pain in chest.

If an individual is suffering from heartburn, them he should avoid eating spicy foods, should manage his eating habits and apart from all of this should use some slight medications that would benefit him.

Milk and heartburn

Now if we discuss about the milk being the remedy to the heartburn condition, then it is definitely a long debatable topic. This is because most of the people think that heartburn is caused by the excess of stomach acid and to neutralize this acid’s strength, milk is a right choice. They think that milk can have a neutralizing effect and therefore, it could be beneficial.

But if you ask for my opinion, then I would definitely say that what I do believe is that the milk is not the most suitable remedy to heartburn when compared to some other remedies that actually are beneficial for decreasing heartburn condition. Although many people believe that cow milk is indeed a natural remedy to heartburn but still, there are many people who also believe that drinking milk could worsen the condition of heartburn.

I believe that there are two possible aspects to this conversation regarding the milk being a remedy to heartburn. One is the positive side and the other being the negative one. If we discuss the positive aspect of this thing, then I would rather say that milk contains calcium as well as some proteins. These contents of milk are said to relieve heartburn. This is because calcium supplements have been used as an antacid. Now this is because these calcium supplements are known because of their acid neutralizing effects. And as we know that the calcium content in milk is quite high, so one can claim that the milk is beneficial for heartburn and is a remedy to this condition. This is because these calcium components present in the milk will help in neutralizing the acidic effects of the stomach acid. So this is the one aspect of the milk being a remedy to heartburn.

But despite this, if we take a look at the other aspect of this thing, then there is also another situation. Milk contains proteins and fats in it as well. These fats that are present in the milk can basically aggravate the acid reflux. Therefore, this can worsen the condition. Milk having a slightly higher level of fat will worsen the situation of heartburn. Another aspect about the presence of fats in milk is that the fats take time to digest and ultimately delaying gastric emptying. And because of this delayed emptying of stomach content, it could result in the worsening of the heartburn situation. And also as a result, the esophagus will be more exposed to the stomach acid. Therefore, heartburn will become more worse.

Also, we can say that the fats present in the milk also enhance and increase the production of stomach acid that is already the issue and main problem in patients suffering from heartburn condition.

  • Conclusion:

So based on the above stated discussion, what I believe is that although drinking milk can provide with some sort of short term relief from heartburn but in the long term, it is definitely not beneficial. If we talk realistically, then definitely drinking milk could actually make the problem more worse. The thing is that heartburn is basically concerned about the production of stomach acid and its backflow into the esophagus. When an individual drinks milk, the fats and proteins present in the milk cause the production of more stomach acid so that these can be easily digested but this increase in stomach acid is not a suitable option for the individuals suffering from heartburn. This more amount of stomach acid can be harmful and could even worsen the heartburn condition of the patient. Apart form all of these facts, there is no prominent scientific explanation to this fact that milk could act as a remedy to heartburn.

Therefore, based on the above discussion, what I believe is that although milk can provide a short term relieve from the heartburn condition but when compared to the long term effects, it will only make the situation more worse for such patients. Therefore, what I conclude is that milk is not a convenient remedy to heartburn.

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