If we talk about heart rate and blood pressure, then  I would rather say that these two go hand in hand and are intimately related to each other. But this does not mean that both of these are the same thing. If we consider blood pressure, then it is the force that the blood exerts on the blood vessels whereas the heart rate simply refers to the number of times your heart beats within a minute. Therefore based on these definitions, we can say that these are two separate measurements and are distinct indicators of health. These two are different measurements that are measured at the same time in a doctor’s office.

Blood pressure:

Blood pressure is basically measured in two numbers, one being the systolic pressure and the other being the diastolic pressure. And if we talk about the normal reading to blood pressure, then it is 120/80.

Heart rate:

Heart rate generally changes and this change is based on various factors such as the age, medication, exercise and some other factors. If we consider the range of resting heart rate, then for adults it varies between 50-100 beats per minute.

Relative increase or decrease:

If we talk about the relation between heart rate and blood pressure, then I would say that these do not have a constant or same relative increase all the time. These two measurements can vary from each other. This could be understood from the following example that a rising heart rate does not cause the blood pressure to increase. Like we see that when we do extreme exercise, then our heart rate increases but despite the increase in heart rate, our blood pressure will be normal. This is because in such situations, the healthy blood vessels dilate and they allow more blood to flow through them without any difficulty and therefore the blood pressure remains constant. In such situations, the blood vessels expand and there is an increased rate of blood flow, therefore leading towards a stable blood pressure.

There can also be a situation in which a person can have a higher blood pressure and a lower heart rate or pulse. And when these two measurements are out of balance, then these generally put a strain on the heart. There are various reasons that are believed to be the cause of such relation. These factors include thickened heart tissues, the use of certain blood pressure medications or some kind of internal bleedings and traumas.


So, this was a simple kind of relation between heart rate or also known as the pulse and blood pressure. What I conclude is that heart rate and blood pressure are tow distinct measurements that are not related to each other in a fix manner. These can vary from each other, one being high and the other being low or vice versa.

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