If we talk about blood pressure, then it is basically the force or pressure that the flowing blood puts on the walls of arteries. These arteries are the vessels that carry blood away from the heart. While measuring blood pressure, there are two numbers, one is the systolic pressure and the other one is the diastolic pressure. The normal blood pressure measurement is around 120/80 mmHg.

Apple cider vinegar and how does it effect blood pressure

If we talk about the apple cider vinegar, then I could say that this has been in use for many centuries and it has been a popular cure to indeed many health related issues. This apple cider vinegar is used in solving illness issues of stomach, blood related issues including cholesterol levels and even sore throats. I would rather say that apple cider vinegar has a huge list if benefits.  Apart from the above stated benefits, recent studies have shown that apple cider vinegar is also very much beneficial in lowering the blood pressure.

To start with the benefits of Apple cider vinegar, it basically brings down the blood cholesterol levels and we do know that the lowering of blood cholesterol levels directly affects in lowering the blood pressure. Further, the apple cider vinegar also acts as a detoxifier and it removes free radicals from the body and ultimately results in decreasing the strain on the circulatory system. Therefore, I would say that the use of apple cider vinegar is indeed a good way to control blood pressure and manages the blood pressure at adequate levels. We can also say that the most popular vinegar in the history of world is the apple cider vinegar because of the numerous benefits that it has.

One may think that how apple cider vinegar can be used in lowering the blood pressures of individuals. I would say that it happens in a number of ways. Firstly, this specific vinegar is involved in the reduction or decrease of a specific enzyme named as renin. This enzyme is directly linked with incresed blood pressure. Apple cider vinegar reduces this enzyme and because of the lowered activity of this enzyme, the blood pressure is also lowered. Therefore, with the decreased activity of this enzyme, blood pressure is lowered.

Another reason about the fact that apple cider vinegar can be effective in lowering the blood pressure is that this vinegar is known to lower the blood glucose levels and when blood glucose levels are lowered, there is indeed a decrease in the blood pressure as well. Therefore, it is believed that because of the decrease in blood glucose levels, a decrease in blood pressure can also be expected.

Apart from these, we also know that blood pressure and obesity are interlinked with each other. Apple cider vinegar has been used in lowering the weight for many centuries. Therefore, based on this fact, it is easy to conclude that  with lowered weight a decrease in blood pressure can be obviously evident. Further, this apple cider vinegar not only helps in reducing the weight but it also reduces the cholesterol levels in the blood as it has already been discussed. These

high cholesterol levels cause an increase in blood pressure but with the use of apple cider vinegar, cholesterol levels are lowered and ultimately it would lead to lowering of the blood pressure as well.


What I conclude about this apple cider vinegar is that without any doubt, we can say that it has a lot of benefits for the body and it has been a remedy for various illness since many centuries. This apple cider vinegar is indeed an amazing natural remedy to many health related issues. This is surely beneficial in lowering the blood pressure as it helps in lowering the activity of renin enzyme, lowers the blood glucose levels and the cholesterol levels as well. So based on these facts, one can say that all of this ultimately leads to the lowering of blood pressure. Therefore, it is very beneficial and useful in overcoming the blood pressure issues.

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