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You’ve gotta have faith.

“You’ve gotta have faith” is a phrase I often use to describe the feeling of motivation that takes over after you’ve achieved a goal. I’ve always been a believer in faith and in dreams. When I was little, my favorite past time was imagining myself in fantastical scenarios where I accomplished great feats. When I was a teenager, I would use my imagination to overcome problems by breaking the barrier of my perceived limitations. When I was in college, I transferred my faith into the idea of following my heart and pursuing a career that would give me fulfillment.

For most people, faith is a concept that is foreign to their daily lives. However, for those who find themselves lacking in this department, faith can be the difference between life and death. For example, when someone has a terminal illness, they may seek a second opinion from a doctor. In such a case, it wouldn’t be surprising if that person had faith in their doctor. Faith is a tool that can be used to overcome the seemingly impossible.

I see some individuals thrive and some people fail when it comes to diet, exercise, and health.

But wait, why don’t all of them succeed?

I mean, I tell it like it is and apply the same ideas to everyone. I don’t keep secrets from anyone. Over and over, I employ the same foundations. I assist people in being more self-aware, setting goals, and making lifestyle changes. I urge them to go at their own pace with it.

Even after all of this consistent data has been supplied, I envision two scenarios playing out:

  1. Someone establishes a goal, works toward it, and achieves it.
  2. Someone establishes a goal, works toward it (or pretends to work toward it), and fails to achieve it.


While there are several factors that could play a role, I believe I’ve identified one that is crucial. I believe I’ve discovered a recurring motif that appears to be real.

This is major news, and I hope you’re prepared.

The common underlying aspect that impacts fitness, health, and leanness achievement is…


  • We must have faith in what we’re doing.
  • We must have faith in what we are eating.
  • We must have faith in the way we exercise.
  • We must have faith in the way we live.
  • We must devote 100% of our minds and bodies to it.
  • Only when we believe in our new habits will we see benefits.

We will not succeed if we do not believe.

Have you ever done something that you didn’t believe in? Isn’t it a little uninspiring? Isn’t it difficult to keep going?

Every “miracle” fitness program, specific meal design, and cutting-edge nutritional supplement pale in comparison to the power of belief.

You could even do your workouts with a sandbag, eat only kale, lentils, and oranges, and sleep in a tent every night. However, if you have complete faith in your method, you will most likely win.

Believe first, then achieve results.

Belief is something that comes from the inside out. It’s not something a trainer or a magazine article can provide.

Is it really important how many trainers/chefs we hire or how many books we read if we don’t believe in what we’re doing? The outcome will not occur. Remember how your sixth-grade basketball coach told you that you have to believe in yourself to succeed? Homeboy has it spot on.

I was confident in my ability to compete in bodybuilding. And then there was success. My training wasn’t top-secret; it was straightforward, constant, and rigorous. My nutrition wasn’t kept a secret; it was based on PN habits, and I ate far less than I required. My coach devised a strategy for me to follow; I believed in it and carried it through.

I didn’t look for a better fitness plan. I didn’t look for a dietary plan that would help me get in shape faster. I trusted the information I was provided.

Month after month, folks who weren’t successful had $100 bottles of vitamins and gleaming new workout notebooks. They did not, however, make any progress.

Why? It’s because they didn’t believe in what they were doing, I believe. They questioned their own abilities as well as the approach.

When we have too much information, we can develop a persistent lack of belief. We’ll always be second-guessing our existing strategy if we’re always reading a new book, a new magazine, or chatting to the trainers at the gym. Plus, we’re unlikely to be able to remain with a method long enough to evaluate whether it’s effective.

And, with so much conflicting information available, individuals begin to question the fundamentals. The fundamentals, on the other hand, do not change; just the specifics do.

So, are you concerned about finding the ideal workout, diet, or supplement?

Or do you adhere to the fundamentals of good eating and exercise on a daily basis?

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