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Hello, my name is Yano and I am a 34 year old man who is currently in the process of changing my body for the better. I am doing so by changing my diet, training and working out. My Blog, “Yano’s Big Transformation” is where I will share my progress with the world.

Yano is our gym coach. He’s really dedicated to his clients and always looks for ways to motivate them to be even more successful. His story was amazing. He was about 240 pounds, but he decided to change his life. He decided to start coaching. He read tons of books about fitness and weight loss, he went to gyms, he tried all sorts of diet pills. But nothing worked. The reason? He was way too focused on the weight loss, not on the right exercises. What he needed was to go to the gym and feel the “body” that he wanted.

It would be an understatement to say that Coaching client Yano had a fantastic year. He shed 20 percent body fat in the last year and won $10,000 in the process.

He used to be over 255 pounds and pre-diabetic, but now he’s 70 pounds lighter. With his new body, he’s ready to go on new adventures. And he’d want to share his images as well as his narrative with you…

Yano’s Development

I shed 76 pounds and 20.9 percent of my body fat!

  • 35 years old
  • 76 pound weight loss (from 256 lbs to 180 lbs)
  • 20.9 percent body fat reduction (from 34.1 percent to 13.2 percent )
  • 10 inches of waist circumference was lost (from 43 inches to 33 inches)

Yano suddenly recognized he was in terrific form when shopping at Banana Republic in downtown San Francisco, among the socks, bored sales employees, and khakis.

“As I stood there staring at the pants, I thought to myself, ‘At long last, I can buy off the rack.’”

You must now comprehend the gravity of the situation. Assume you’re 5’10” tall and weigh 255 pounds. You can’t walk more than a few blocks without stopping to catch your breath and sweating profusely. You have to prop yourself up at night because of your gastroesophageal reflux disease so you don’t choke on your own vomit. With a hazy sensation of remorse, you avoid the scales and stuff your face with oats at night.

It isn’t all awful; you have a terrific job, a lovely fiancée, and wonderful friends.

However, you can’t get your fat as into a pair of khakis.

Yano describes the experience as degrading. “Finding the least bad-looking pair of pants was always the goal. It was practically impossible even back then. The salespeople had to rummage through the back of the store to find a pair that would fit me.”

However, you’ve shed 70 pounds in the last year. You’re slim, muscular, and in great form. Your abs have a lot of definition.

You can sprint a few blocks and barely break a sweat, so forget about walking.

And it hits you like a ton of bricks when you’re standing in Banana Republic, staring at a pair of size 32-waist jeans like you’ve discovered the Holy Grail.

Now you’re attempting to wipe the grin off your face.

“In the past, I spent a lot of money to get healthy, but I was paying the wrong people,” Yano adds.

Yano has just returned from the Farmer’s Market, where he stocked up on local produce, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. He tells me, “Once you sample an apple plucked 24 hours earlier, you’ll never go back to the grocery store.”

He’s talking to me before going to the gym and going out to dinner with his family and friends. This is an usual Saturday for him.

I inquire as to what he means when he says “paying the wrong people.”

“Before I started coaching, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic,” he explains. “I had to take medicines, get check-ups, and tests – the works. It was expensive, and I wasn’t dealing with the root of the problem. But, with the exception of a routine check-up, I haven’t been to the doctor in over a year. My doctor is blown away with my progress. When you’re sick, the world is basically a waste of time. You, on the other hand, have no idea.

Yano was tired of “putting lipstick on a pig,” looking for methods to improve his life without first examining the quality of his life, as he puts it.

“I’d previously had some professional success and had a wonderful relationship with my wife. But when I began to consider everything that made my life worthwhile, I discovered a large elephant in the room: myself. It was an obvious flaw.”

As a result, he began to pay additional workers.

“I’ve read every diet book imaginable. I even hired a personal trainer and did six months of one-on-one training. During that time, I really gained weight. It was quite aggravating.”

Yano eventually chose to pay himself.

“I promised myself that I would join up for Coaching and do whatever was asked of me,” he adds. “I felt like I had nothing to lose because they were promising results.”

A promising start, but a promise may go one of two ways: you can keep it, follow through, and gain confidence, or you can break it and find yourself struggling to get back on track.

Yano, on the other hand, was well aware of the potential consequences. So he rode the ups and downs of his confidence and remained the course.

“I went to the gym even though I didn’t want to,” he admits. “Even when I didn’t want to follow the lessons, I did. It was all part of my deal with the coaches; I wasn’t going to let either of them down.”

Yano’s success was based on his constancy, with a total weight loss of 70 pounds and a 20 percent reduction in body fat in less than a year.

“I had my doubts and questions at times, but I learnt to push through them. And the best part was that whenever I had a question, there was generally a course in the curriculum that addressed it the next week. It was astonishing how tuned in the instructors were to our needs.”

Yano showed an active interest in the program, offering support on the Coaching forums and checking in with his coach on a regular basis, but he didn’t bother with the intricacies. Not at first, at least.

He explains, “I wasn’t particularly interested in why things worked or even the science underlying everything.” “Give me my daily lesson, give me my daily workout, and let’s see some results,” I explained.

Yano gets an earful when he walks into the gym — or anywhere else, for that matter.

“I’ve been going to the same gym for a couple of years and see the same people every time. They compliment me on how powerful I appear or that I’ve lost too much weight.”

Yano chuckles when he says this.

“Are you carrying too much weight? Really? Then it dawned on me that these guys had not changed over the years. They’re still the same.”

And while he’s waiting for clients or friends he hasn’t seen in months at a restaurant, he sips exquisite coffee and smiles because he knows what’s about to happen.

“They generally walk straight by me,” says the narrator. Then their jaws drop to the floor as they do a double-take.”

But that’s not the most exciting aspect. That’s not even close.

“After a few minutes, the server arrives to collect our order, and my customer or buddy looks to me for guidance,” Yano explains. “And I buy the lean protein salad, and they follow my lead. It’s incredible.”

People, in Yano’s opinion, act with a “pack mentality.” So, if someone likes nachos, they’ll check with you first to see what you buy before making their own order. It’s a kind of vindication for their bad choices. The problem is that most people are unhappy with their choices and believe they have little influence over their lives.

“It turns out that a lot of people, like myself, have health and weight problems,” he says. “And they often don’t want to eat badly; they simply do it because everyone else does. For a long time, it was my issue. They will respect you if you take command and stick to your guns. And, at least for that hour, it helps them make better decisions.”


Yano is able to perform things he couldn’t before thanks to his new body; take a look at those guns.

Yano is in the gym, wearing a dip belt around his waist and balancing a couple of plates between his legs. He takes hold of the bar and performs a set of weighted chin-ups.

He admits, “My first chin-up hurt.” “At the time, I weighed 250 pounds. My joints and muscles hurt, and I rapidly became exhausted.”

Yano employed the assisted chin-up machine, a counter-balance apparatus that “takes the pressure” off the person working and allows them to go through a full range of motion, at the start of the session. It’s not easy, but it’s also not very difficult.

Yano would take a little weight off the assist as he continued to train and lose weight, making it harder.

“After that, I switched to using a light band, which was a lot of fun since the tension of the band had this rebound effect,” he recalls.

It was severe body weight chins after that. The plates are now clashing together.

He describes the sound as “pleasing.” “When I’m prepping for my set, I get this intense focus as well. One of the guys who trains at the same time as me said he could sense my enthusiasm from across the room.”

And when he enters the locker area, he is greeted with a pleasant surprise.

“Because you see yourself every day, you never really realize how far you’ve come. The changes aren’t always obvious. But every now and then, it’ll simply strike you.”

When Yano removes his shirt and turns around, catching a sight of his back in the mirror, it smacks him. The muscles are firm and defined, and the love handles that he used to flaunt like a suit are no longer visible.

He says, “My back is definitely my favorite body area now.”

“It’s like night and day compared to how I used to eat. I felt like I was lost in the woods, bouncing around and having no idea what or why I was consuming. It’s almost as if I’m picking up a new language.”

When Yano sits down for dinner with his friends and family tonight, I inquire as to what he will order.

He’s undecided. But he thinks he’d like a glass of wine. Perhaps some dessert as well.

“Those meals have to be earned, and you have to enjoy what you’re eating,” he says. “There’s nothing intrinsically wrong about dessert,” says the author. However, I don’t get it very frequently, which is why I value it. I believe that many dieters fail in the long term because the nature of the diet prevents them from appreciating the food.”

Yano’s new behaviors, which he picked up through Coaching, are now part of his everyday routine. On Sunday, he prepares all of his meals. He eats healthily, exercises regularly, and enjoys life. What’s not to like about that?

“Now that I’ve dropped weight and changed my lifestyle, I’m more interested in sports activity. Skiing and hiking are two of my favorite pastimes. Also, I’d like to be able to dunk a basketball.”

But what set Coaching out from the rest? What, more importantly, did Yano stand out and achieve incredible results?

“What makes me unique? Not a single thing. I realized that by signing up for Coaching, I was making a promise to myself, and that if I didn’t keep it, I’d be doing myself a great disservice. I absorbed all of the lessons, even if they were things I didn’t understand or agree with. Coaching has my fate in his hands.”

“People have to understand that if they’re willing to just follow directions, they’ll achieve wonderful results,” he continues. “Confidence will ebb and flow, which is to be expected. That’s something you’ve got to push through.”

Yano, on the other hand, must immediately depart. He must prepare for the gym and dinner.

Before he hangs up, he says, “It’s funny, guy.” “When I first started the program, my wife was ecstatic, and she’s already made some significant lifestyle changes—dropped she’s ten pounds. We have a wonderful, fruitful relationship. But it’s when we talk about our marriage that we have the most fun.”

What exactly do you mean? I enquire.

“She always thinks that when men get married, they become obese and lazy. But that is not the case with me. I did exactly the opposite. She claims she got lucky.”


Yano and his wife relax with a cup of green tea.

Would you like to read more fantastic stories like Yano’s? Then meet a few additional men, women, and couples who have shed pounds, improved their diets, and taken charge of their health.

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