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How many women can you recognize? Or maybe you recognize one or two, but there are so many more to meet and greet. We love and admire these women, because they are the faces of health, strength, and the right to be healthy. These women are some of the strongest, most capable, and most inspiring people to ever walk the face of the earth.

Woman’s health is an incredibly important issue to women and to society as a whole. I believe that we take this topic for granted because, for the most part, we have not had to think about it. However, as more and more diseases come to light, a culture of fear becomes more prevalent. This can be seen in the way we talk about women’s health: it is not taken seriously, and treated as something that does not concern us. The truth is that women’s health is an important issue to all of us.

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The following are the raw, unadulterated accounts of our real customers, detailing why they sought our assistance.

(It turns out that everyone has eating issues.) They’re thought to be insane by everyone. And everyone believes they are alone. No, you aren’t the only one.)


It may be difficult to find your personal narrative represented in the fitness media, which is dominated by beauty pageants, body fat reduction, and washboard abs.

We adopt a unique approach at.

We speak to our customers instead than imposing this fat-hating, ab-loving ideal on them.

We discover their experiences by interviewing them, asking them questions, and truly listening to them. What they truly desire and who they are.

One question always leads the way in these interviews:

“What brings you here to work with?”

We get a variety of responses, some of which are unexpected. And I’m going to share them with you today.

These are brief, paraphrased descriptions of the women in our Coaching program’s pain, difficulties, and sometimes apparently unfathomable experiences.

Many of our customers believe they are the only ones who experience these emotions. They worry whether they’re insane for thinking these things.

Why can’t I accomplish this while everyone else appears to be able to?

The individuals we think are flawless, on the other hand, have their own problems.

Please keep in mind that these are genuine, honest, and authentic feelings based on actual reactions from our customers.

People share them when they’re ready to acknowledge they need to make a change.

We’re sharing these with you because it’s essential to know you’re not alone. We’re sharing these because there’s something very lovely about being upfront, honest, and ultimately asking for assistance.

What brings you here?

Story 1: At some point along the road… I awoke chubby.

Growing up, I was never overweight. I was in good shape. However, something unexpected occurred to me.

I’m not sure when or where it occurred. I’m not sure what it was, to be honest. However, the weight began to creep up on me.

Seeing what I’ve become makes me so sad.

Story 2: I don’t feel like I have any control.

I want to be in command of my life. But there’s a roadblock in my path.

I can’t seem to find a decent spouse, a solid career, a fantastic place, or a way to include exercise into my daily routine.

Others seem to be able to do so. How?

I’m losing track of time. What happens to it?

Story 3: I’m certain I’m doomed.

I’m done with it. I’ve tried a lot of different diets and regimens. And nothing seems to work.

I feel like I’m gaining weight at an alarming rate, and nothing seems to be able to stop me.

What good is it to try?

Story 4: I’m in pain.

My is aching. My is aching. Even my

When I’m feeling like this, how can I possibly exercise?

What’s more, how am I supposed to give up my favorite foods? My sole source of solace is food.

Story 5: First and foremost, I’m “good.” Then I’m a “bad guy.”

I strive to be “good,” but it’s difficult. It gives me a sense of deprivation.

If you have to give up everything, where is the pleasure, the juice?

I’m not interested in living like a monk. As a result, I ultimately revolt.

Then I’m in a terrible mood. It’s terrible.

Story 6: The bus’s wheels fall off.

In front of others, I eat properly. When I’m alone, though, I have a tendency to go insane.

I’ve never admitted it to anybody, although I binge sometimes. My eating becomes almost uncontrollable.

I’m really embarrassed. This is something I need to discuss with someone.

Story 7: I’m aware of it, but I’m unable to carry it through.

I know what I’m doing. I’m a well-educated individual.

I understand how to eat well and exercise, but I can’t seem to keep to it.

I’ll get started, perform great for a few weeks, and then everything falls apart.

Is this something that only occurs to me? What’s the matter with me?

Story #8: Awaiting the ideal time

School, work, and children. My nuptials. Travel.

Life is so packed and hectic, and something constantly gets in the way.

I keep waiting for the ideal moment to get in shape, but it never arrives.

And I’m starting to doubt that it ever will.

Story 9: I truly want to be a member of the “living pure” / “hardcore badass” club, but I’m afraid I don’t fit in.

I’m a big fan of Paleo, but I had a hard time adhering to it when I first started.

I’d want to become completely vegan, however…

I’d want to participate in triathlons, marathons, and Crossfit competitions. But it seems to be out of my grasp.

Those ladies seem to be slim and fit in an effortless manner.

What the hell is the matter with me?

Story 10: Aging is a drag.

Nobody warned me about how difficult middle age would be!

Peri-menopause. Menopause. Hormones. Gravity. Arthritis.

I’m not sure what happened to my boobs. I’m not sure what happened to my butt. What happened to all of my vitality?

And after that, what’s next? Is it really just going to get worse from here?

I don’t want to live the rest of my life like this.

Story 11: Once upon a time, I was… Who am I now, exactly?

I used to be a size 2 athlete with boundless energy.

But I haven’t felt like myself since I had kids, had this hectic job, married, and divorced.

I wish I could go back in time and be the person I was before.

I’m not even sure who I am anymore. Who am I, exactly?

Story 12: It’s a tangle.

I’m allergic to or intolerant to a variety of foods. It’s very tough to eat healthily and lose weight at the same time.

I have a number of medical problems that I have to deal with on a regular basis. I’m afraid no software will be able to assist me in dealing with them.

Fitness programs are designed for healthy individuals, not for folks like me.

Story 13: It’s a thorny situation (Version 2).

My living circumstances are very perplexing.

I share my home with three housemates, my family, my insane parents, and my dogs.

I’m not sure how I’ll handle it all while still maintaining my fitness.

My refrigerator and cupboards do not belong to me.

Story 14: It’s a tangled web (Version 3).

My life is a jumble. I’ve lost track of how many things have gone wrong.

I’m always dealing with a lot of stress.

I’m not sure how I’m going to add another layer of complexity.

Nonetheless… despite all of this… I really want to give it a go.

Story 15: I’m overworked and don’t have time.

With the kids, shift work, a busy job, caring for elderly parents/grandparents, volunteering, and walking my dog, not to mention housekeeping, gardening, and commuting…

…not to mention the hobbies, seminars, and social activities.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have any more time.

I’d want to get back in shape and improve my health. There are only 24 hours in a day, after all!

Story 16: I’m a weirdo.

I feel like I’m the only one with this illness, injury, or eating disorder.

Nobody understands me because I’m strange.


Story 17: I’ve never been fond of my physical appearance.

My legs, boobs, butt, tummy, and muffin top are all things I despise.

I wish I hadn’t been born with this mesomorph frame.

I was born into a peasant family.

Why am I such a small / tall person?

Being pear-shaped bothers me.

Other individuals seem to have flawless bodies.

Why can’t I have the same appearance as other people?

Why am I unable to accept myself?

Story 18: Exercise was effective until it wasn’t.

Working exercise is something I like doing. I used to be one of those people who over-exercised.

It’s no longer working for me.

Even though I’m eating less, I’m gaining weight!

Nobody believes me, either.

I’ve tried everything, I’ve tried everything, I’ve tried everything, I’ve tried everything, I

Some of it really worked. Some of them didn’t.

It didn’t appear to make a difference. Because it was only effective for a short time.

I couldn’t keep going.

I’m still the same person I was before. Perhaps it’s even worse.

Story 20: I’m annoyed.

I did everything “properly!”

I completed the task at hand!

Everything has been a deception!

Story 21: I’m completely overwhelmed. It’s excessive.

I studied all I could on exercise, weight loss, and nutrition.

It’s just overwhelming and perplexing. Enough is enough!

Story 22: I’m completely overwhelmed. It’s excessive (Variation 2).

I attempt to balance all of my obligations and end up collapsing.

Story 23: I’m completely overloaded. It’s excessive (Variation 3).

I don’t know how to cook, and I don’t think I’ll ever learn.

I know that until I find out what to do in the kitchen, I’ll never be able to become healthy.

How come everyone else appears to be able to do it?

I’m sure there’s something wrong with me.

Story 24: I’m not in the mood to be seductive.

I’m not interested in having sex.

Others are unwilling to have sex with me.

And even if they do, I’m not convinced.

I request that my spouse turn off the lights.

Story 25: I’m fed up with being fed up with being fed up with being fed up with being fed up with being fed up with being fed up with being fed up with

I’m always exhausted.

I’m worn down to the bone.

I’m in a bad mood.

Is this the finest life has to offer?

Story 26: I’m a pharmacy on wheels.

I’d want to stop taking all of these medicines.

I’d want to experience what it’s like to go through the day without them. I’m not sure they’re still assisting me.

Is it a side effect of the medication, or is it simply typical for someone in my situation?

Story 27: I’m a traveler.

I’m always on the go.

When you’re always on the go, it’s difficult to stick to healthy habits.

I reside in a distant place where people eat weird things and I can’t locate fresh veggies or a good gym.

Story 28: I’m alone and lonely.

I’m the wife of a military man. I’m a single mother. A student on sabbatical.

I don’t know anybody else who is concerned about eating well. Nobody!

I don’t know anybody who exercises regularly.

I’m not aware of any other strong or rational ladies.

Reaching out is more difficult than withdrawing. I’ve always been turned down in the past.

I’ve had to accomplish everything on my own for the most of my life. Nobody has ever been able to assist me in any way.

I can’t believe it’s OK to seek for help.

Story 29: I had a child, and…

My physical condition deteriorated.

I couldn’t seem to get my weight back to where it had been.

I’m a wreck from the late night feedings and lack of sleep.

I despise famous mothers’ “after” pictures. I’m not working with a personal trainer!

Story 30: My family lends a hand.

I want to provide a positive example for my children.

My drive for being in better condition comes from my children.

I want to be able to play with my grandkids and have the energy to do so.

I don’t want to die early, before my children reach adulthood.

Story 31: My family is a stumbling block.

It’s difficult to persuade the rest of my family to eat healthier.

My spouse is constantly purchasing junk food, and I always give in and eat some.

If I attempt to alter our diet, my kids get enraged.

I find it difficult to prioritize myself.

I’m always prioritizing the needs of others above my own.

It’s egotistical to concentrate only on myself.

Hormones are the subject of Story 32.

I’m having thyroid and adrenal issues.

Peri-menopause. Menopause.

HRT with birth control.

Treatments for infertility, include IVF.

Everyone understands that this makes losing weight and being in better condition very difficult.

Story 33: I’m embarrassed.

Nothing seems to suit me.

I’m not going to allow anybody snap pictures of me.

I don’t want to leave the home at all.

Story 34: I’m terrible at following rules.

All I needed was for someone to tell me what to do… But I didn’t want any more restrictions…

But for the time being, regulations are all I know… However, the regulations were ineffective.

What can I do, where can I go for help, and how can I regain control of this situation?

Story 35: That man is a jerk.

My spouse is free to eat anything he likes! He never puts on any weight.

It’s not right!

He also keeps all of his valuables at the home.

I can’t eat as much as he does!

Story 36: That man is a jerk (Variation 2).

I’ve just booted that jerk to the curb.

I’m eager to blast it out and reintroduce sexiness.

All I need to do now is drop a few pounds.

Story 37: I’m a con artist.

I’m an expert in the field of fitness. Why can’t I be slimmer?

I’m starting to feel like a phony and a fraud.

I’m sure my customers are laughing at me. It’s no surprise they don’t pay attention to me.

I’d want to be a fitness professional, but I can’t in this physique.

Who in their right mind would employ me?

Story 38: I punched a hole in my card. It’s time to focus on ME.

The children have either left or become more self-sufficient.

Things are starting to calm down at work. I just retired.

My spouse is no longer bothered by his health problems or his work stress.

I’m in charge of fewer things. Everything is going swimmingly.

It’s now my turn. I’m all set!

So, what happened to these women’s stories?

We don’t want to give anything away about the narrative surprise at the conclusion…

However, everyone of these individuals went on to be successful in our coaching program.

They thinned out. Fitter. Healthier. Happier.

They felt more in control at the conclusion of the program, no matter where they started or what baggage they carried with them. They feel more in control of their life.

They had better interpersonal connections. Improved workouts. Better options.

They improved their fitness skills. Parents who are better. Better companions. Better companions.

They’ve even gotten better employment on occasion!

How? They started by being honest with themselves and asking for assistance.

Then there was the beauty of thoughtful, compassionate coaching.

  • We pay attention to our customers’ requirements and goals.
  • We learn about their way of life.
  • We figure out what’s most important to them.
  • We collaborate to develop the best strategy for them, one that is customized and unique to their objectives and lifestyle.
  • Then we guide them through the process, assisting them with the inevitable stumbling blocks that arise along the path to success.

Are you ready to rewrite your own tale?

We’d love to work with you if you need assistance and are willing to accept it. We’ll be accepting new customers in our Women’s Coaching Program very shortly.

The program usually sells out in a matter of hours. Those who sign up for the presale list, on the other hand, get to register 24 hours before the rest of the world. They also get a significant discount upon registration.

So get your name on the list below, because places are limited, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Women around the world come in all shapes and sizes, and women’s health stories are no exception. The list of women that have had to face the physical and emotional challenges associated with being a woman is endless and we hope to cover some of them to show the diversity of women around the world. While there are lots of different ways of dealing with the world around us it is important to know that they aren’t universal. With this in mind we hope to provide insight into women’s struggles and find hope in the midst of challenges.. Read more about top 10 women’s health questions and let us know what you think.

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