What’s your (or a client’s) nutritional level? To figure that out, and what to do next to make progress, check out this animated video.

The average American adult consumes 2,000 calories per day. That’s a lot of food! If you’re not meeting your daily caloric needs, it can lead to weight gain or loss and other health conditions.

This is one of the 18 new video lectures we produced to accompany the PN Level 1 Certification program, which will be available soon. Each lecture serves as a complement to the textbook chapter it is associated with, assisting you in learning the subject and retaining what you’ve learned.

The Level 1 Certification Program is comprised of the following components.

The Level 1 Certification elevates coaches and trainers to the status of top, results-oriented experts. With our established curriculum, which has been created over 15 years and tested with over 100,000 customers, you can boost your knowledge and take your coaching to the next level.


Dr. John Berardi, co-founder, offers you a behind-the-scenes look at the Level 1 Certification. Several industry leaders also provide their opinions on the show.

Graduates of the Level 1 Certification Program

is used by top-level fitness experts all around the globe. What they have to say about the Level 1 Certification is as follows:


“The Level 1 Certification is a hands-on experience that enables you to make immediate beneficial improvements in your customers’ life. One of the things I like is the emphasis on the big picture initially — the behavioral changes and, to some extent, the fast fixes that may produce significant improvements.” – MA, CSCS Eric Cressey


“It’s not about telling someone what to do. That’s what makes a great coach, and what I believe works so effectively in the PN Level 1 program. It all comes down to understanding what questions to ask and then directing the individual in the correct path.” Founder of the Personal Trainer Development Center, Jonathan Goodman


“The Level 1 program provides you with the skills and resources you’ll need to get started. As a result, it’s not simply academic data. It provides you with all of the tools you’ll need to be a great coach.” – Dr. Marie-Josee Perrier


“The encouragement of behavior change is the program’s coolest feature, in my opinion. I can make a huge impact without having to use my prescription pad if I can educate my patients how to adapt. Finally, when individuals tell me they wish to educate others how to live better lives, I advise them to pursue the Level 1 Certification.” – Bariatric Medicine specialist Spencer Nadolsky, DO


“As I progressed through the course, I discovered it was ideal; it covered everything I wanted and needed to know. It was like comparing apples to oranges between the knowledge it taught me with the 4th year nutrition course I took as a Kinesiology student. The nutrition class was excellent. However, the Certification was much superior.” – CSCS Adam Lloyd

The intermittent fasting precision nutrition is a video that will help you understand your nutritional level and what the next step should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic criteria for determining a clients nutritional level?

There are many factors that go into determining a clients nutritional level. A few of these include the clients height, weight, age, gender, current activity level, and medical history.

What is the nutritional level?

The nutritional level of this product is not available.

What are the steps of the PN coaching process?

The steps of the PN coaching process are as follows: 1. You register for a free trial account with ProCoachNet at https://www.procoachnet.com/ 2. You complete an online application and provide your contact information 3. You complete a brief interview with one of our coaches 4. You will be contacted by one of our coaches to set up an initial meeting 5. After the first meeting, you will meet with your coach on a regular basis (usually once per week) to discuss progress, review workouts, and plan future workouts 6. If you would like to continue working with your coach after the trial period ends, you can sign up for a paid membership or pay out-of-pocket for additional sessions

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