Should you exercise when sick? [Infographic] How to make working out work for your immunity.

There’s no denying that exercise is good for your body. It’s been shown to boost your immune system and decrease the risk of health problems. But what if you’re sick? There’s a push to make working out when you’re sick work for your immunity. How?

A common question I have come across recently is whether or not you should exercise when you are sick. Should you listen to your doctor, or ignore them and go to the gym anyway? That’s a question that’s hard to answer, but one that’s probably best answered by looking at the science.

See, when you’re sick, you have two options: sit on the couch and let your body heal, or do your usual workout to strengthen your body and boost your immune system. But are you really hurting your body by doing so? It turns out that going to the gym a couple of times a week can actually help you get better sooner.. Read more about 8 ways to boost your immune system and let us know what you think.

With your freshly ramped-up workout regimen, you’ve just found a great groove. And now you’ve become ill. Because the whole world despises you.

We’ve all been in that situation.

What’s more, guess what? When you’re ill, doing some exercise isn’t necessarily a terrible idea. In fact, if you play your cards properly, moving your body may boost immunity and aid in the battle against the virus.

This visual guide with details for making exercise work for you before, during, and after an illness is available to download or print.

Let’s hope we feel well soon and go back to living our lives.

Do you want to carry these pointers with you everywhere you go? Print or save this infographic to your tablet.

Do you like what you’ve discovered? Check out our companion post for a full explanation of this infographic: When you’re ill, should you exercise? Or do you want to take it easy and recover?

If you’re a coach or wish to be one…

It’s both an art and a science to guide clients, patients, friends, or family members through healthy food and lifestyle adjustments in a manner that’s tailored to their individual body, tastes, and circumstances.

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In this infographic, we teach you how to make exercising work for your immune system, so you can get better sooner. Exercise helps your body get rid of infections, boosts its ability to fight off cancer and helps it build better insulation against colds. It also helps you maintain a healthy heart, blood pressure and brain function – all of which are important when you are ill.. Read more about precision nutrition infographics and let us know what you think.

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