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Does Dyeing Your Hair Kill Head Lice?

Does Dyeing Your Hair Kill Head Lice
Does Dyeing Your Hair Kill Head Lice

Will hair dye kill lice?

Few words strike the maximum amount of mortal terror into the hearts of oldsters than “your kid has head lice.”

Anyone with hair will get head lice. kids attending educational institutions and grammar schools, furthermore as their caretakers and people in their social unit, have the best risk of infestation.

Head lice are parasitic, flightless insects that sleep in hair and on the scalps of individuals. They’re round the size of a seasoner and zero in color from brown to clear white.

Lice need human blood to survive. they’ll live as long as thirty days on the scalp. They lay 3 to 5 white-colored eggs, known as nits, a day.

There are no studies on hair dye’s ability to kill lice, however widespread anecdotal proof suggests that it should eliminate them. However, dyestuff doesn’t kill nits.

How dye affects lice

There square measure many various forms of dyestuff. the kind wont to kill lice is permanent dyestuff.

The permanent dye contains ammonia. Ammonia is a basic, a corrosive chemical that produces AN irritating gas. it should be the rationale why dyestuff looks to be effective at killing lice.

More permanent dyestuff solutions conjointly embrace oxide, which can even have control.

Nits square measure encased in a very arduous shell for cover. The chemicals in dyestuff aren’t ready to penetrate this shell, or detach the natural glue-like substance adhering the shells to hair. That’s why dyestuff is ineffective at eliminating nits before they hatch.

Does hair bleach kill lice?

Hair bleach contains chemicals, together with ammonia persulfate, AN oxidizing agent that removes the color from hair. It conjointly contains a chemical element and stearyl alcohol. These ingredients might facilitate kill lice on the scalp, but, like dye, aren’t effective at exterminating nits.

How dye might kill lice

If you want to use dyestuff to do to kill lice, it’s suggested that you simply repeat the method each week till the lice and nits square measure fully gone.

You should conjointly mix coloring or bleaching your hair with different removal techniques, like haircare or using vinegar. detain mind that there’s no current analysis to support vinegar in killing lice or loosening the glue that attaches nits to hair. Anecdotal proof might indicate that vinegar will kill immature lice.

If you’d wish to attempt to use dyestuff as a lice removal treatment, follow these steps:

  1. Start with vinegar. Saturate your entire scalp with a 50-50 resolution of water and vinegar that has 5-percent acidity. Work the vinegar mixture down every hair shaft close to the scalp, behind the ears, and at the rear of the neck. Leave the answer on your scalp for five to fifteen minutes. If you expertise a burning sensation, wash it off directly.
  2. Rinse the vinegar and water resolution from your hair totally with heat water.
  3. Use a lice comb to get rid of as several nits and live lice as you’ll be able to from your head. Clean and soak the lice comb in very popular water. ensure it’s fully freed from lice and nits before reusing.
  4. Mix the dyestuff in step with package directions in a very well-ventilated space.
  5. Saturate your scalp with dyestuff. target equivalent areas you centered on with the vinegar solution: the bottom of every hair, behind and around your ears, and at the bottom of your neck.
  6. Thoroughly rinse out the dye.
  7. Comb your hair once more with a clean lice comb.
  8. Use a hot blower to dry your hair. this could facilitate kill any lice left behind.

If you’re unable to get rid of each nit inside an in. or 2 of the scalp, you’ll possibly have lice once more in concerning seven days.

Dyed hair doesn’t repel lice and won’t stop you from changing into overrun if you are available in contact with head lice once more.

Safety precautions

Permanent dyes will cause chemical changes that have an effect on your natural hair color. they’ll conjointly irritate your scalp and cause sensitivity. aspect effects will occur on the scalp, neck, and face, including:

  • itching
  • burning
  • redness
  • swelling
  • hives or welts

These forms of aspect effects might become a lot of severe if you employ dyestuff or bleach merchandise a lot of typically than meant. you will conjointly harm your hair, inflicting it to skinny or dry out if you employ dyestuff or bleach quite once a month.

When victimization this merchandise, ensure to use the disposable gloves that generally go with them to safeguard your hands and different areas of the body that you simply may bite.

Make sure to not get any product into your eyes, nose, or mouth. It’s conjointly vital to avoid inhaling the fumes emitted by hair dyes. continuously dye your hair in a very well-ventilated space.

Hair dye and hair bleach aren’t suggested to be used in kids as a lice-removal treatment. Children’s hair is commonly finer in texture than adult hair, creating it a lot of vulnerable to harm from the chemicals in dyes and bleaches. kids may additionally be a lot of at risk of chemical reactions touching the scalp, hair, eyes, and airways.

Other lice treatments

There square measure virtually as several at-home lice treatments as there square measure lice in a mean infestation. you will experiment with many before you discover those that job best for you.

Like several insects, some lice are getting immune to some tried-and-true treatments, like medicated shampoos and stearyl alcohol. All home lice treatments need the manual removal of lice and nits with a fine-tooth lice comb.

Some common treatments include:

  1. Over-the-counter lice elimination kits, like zilch, use varied forms of pesticides, and a few might not be applicable for babies, toddlers, babies, and pregnant or breastfeeding girls. discuss with a doctor if you’ve got issues and follow package directions for safety.
  2. Coating the scalp with vegetable oil or salad dressing might suffocate lice. This anecdotal remedy, that isn’t established effective, needs that you simply leave these substances on the hair for twenty-four to forty-eight hours beneath a cap. it should facilitate to braid long hair or pin it up once treating the scalp.
  3. Coconut oil hasn’t been scientifically established to be effective, however, it’s natural and nontoxic. to extend effectiveness, attempt victimization it once treating your hair with a vinegar resolution.
  4. Essential oils, like peppermint, lavender, or rosemary might repel lice. you’ll be able to attempt victimization essential oils diluted with a carrier oil as a suffocating treatment.

If at-home treatments like zilch and diligent haircare don’t work, talk over with a doctor concerning prescription medications which will facilitate.

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